RCD-HRD-FR-001 Learning and Development Proposal Template Download
RCD-HRD-FR-002 Proposal Attachment A List of Participants Download
RCD-HRD-FR-003 Proposal Attachment B Facilitator's Profile Download
RCD-HRD-FR-004 Proposal Attachment C Budget Proposal Download
RCD-HRD-FR-005 Proposal Attachment D Training Matrix Download
RCD-HRD-FR-006 SLE Template Download
RCD-HRD-FR-007 Evaluation Form of Training Proposal Download
RCD-HRD-FR-008 Registration Form Download
RCD-HRD-FR-009 Attendance Form Download
RCD-HRD-FR-010 Certificate of Appearancenew Download
RCD-HRD-FR-011 Certificate of Participationnew Download
RCD-HRD-FR-012 Certificate of Recognitionnew Download
RCD-HRD-FR-013 Learning and Development Completion Report Download
RCD-HRD-FR-014 List of Actual Attendees Download
RCD-HRD-FR-015 QAME Form 1 Analysis of the M&E Results Download
RCD-HRD-FR-016 QAME Form 2 Summary of Daily M&E Download
RCD-HRD-FR-017 Daily QAME Download
RCD-HRD-FR-019 Modified Daily QAME Download
RCD-HRD-FR-020 Certificate of Completionnew Download
RCD-HRD-FR-021 Enclosure B Letter of Intentnew Download
RCD-HRD-FR-022 Certification of Complete Documentsnew Download